More than just Hair & Beauty.

Welcome to MORENO’S Hair & Beauty, where every visit is more than just about your appearance — it’s about your experience.

Our friendly team, alongside our talented stylists & colourists, are dedicated to providing more than just an expert service; we’re here to create a relaxed atmosphere and genuine connection with you, ensuring you leave feeling absolutely amazing – inside and out.

About Us

Our goal is to find a hairstyle that makes every client feel amazing inside and out.


At Moreno's our experienced stylists are equipped with established products, colour palettes and the latest trends, so can expect the best results, every time.


Sit back, close your eyes and relax in confidence. From defined eyebrows to stunning make-up for your special day, we will enhance your natural beauty.


Experience precision cutting at its highest level. From classic cuts and detailed grooming, to taming curls and creative clipper work.

Space for Rent


We are offering an exclusive commercial room for rent, in the (lower space) of our popular salon in Haarlem.




2011 TA



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Approaching each customer with care and sincerity, our experienced stylists will create a look and feeling exclusively for you.

What our Clients Say About Us

Great hair salon! They have sincere attention to you and take the time to cut your hair beautifully. I've been coming here for years and wouldn't get my hair cut anywhere else. Because they cut so well!

- Gertrude Blum

Vanochtend voor het eerst geknipt door Guls. Wat een geweldige kapper! Ze kijkt eerst goed naar je gezicht en haar, daarna bedenkt ze in samenspraak het model wat bij jou past. Ze gebruiken ook fijne spullen voor in het haar. Meteen alles aangeschaft! Hier kom ik zeker terug!

- Carla Beeres

Where many hairdressers get stressed by strong curly hair and clearly show that (which is really painful ..!!) my daughter had a VIP treatment at Moreno's and she was beautifully cut and styled. Leaving the hair salon again with a huge boost!! Thank you all!!!

- Lian De Kok